The BAM Holdings Limited launched their first apparel factory - Colombo Garments Ltd. in 1980. This facility was expanded in 1982, with the incorporation of Miami Exports (Pvt) Ltd.

Miami Exports (Pvt) Ltd manufactures some of the world’s most sought after seasonal collections, specializing in children’s wear. Incorporated in 1980, Miami Exports (Pvt) Ltd operates three plants in relatively close vicinity to each other, developing and manufacturing products for leading brands including Next, Nor Lanka & George.

Employing over 2,500 both directly and indirectly, Miami Exports (Pvt) Ltd conforms to the stringent quality standard set down by AQL 2.5.

Since this time, the company has been earning an excellent reputation for reliability. This is reflected in the quality of the products and in the timeliness of the deliveries to our clients overseas.

Quality Flexible Packaging for the Apparel Industry

The boom in Sri Lanka's apparel manufacturing trade brought with it a plethora of accessorized industries, established to consolidate and buoy this Multimillion Rupee industry in the country. The growth of support industries, heralded the beginning of operations for Thermo Plastics (Pvt) Limited, which was set up in 1985 as a backward integration company.

Thermo Plastics (Pvt) Ltd was established in 1986 and is considered as a trailblazer in infusing verticality into the now thriving apparel industry in Sri Lanka. Board of Investment of Sri Lanka approved the venture under the umbrella of BAM Holdings Ltd, the company birthed the niche manufacture of flexible packaging for the apparel industry encompassing a current capacity of 18 million pieces monthly.

BAM Export Services (Pvt) Ltd & BAM Exports (Pvt) Ltd

BAM Export Service (Pvt) Ltd was incorporated in October' 2002 as a subsidiary of the BAM Holdings. This subsidiary is established as a private liability company and also registered at BOI of Sri Lanka. BAM Export Service (Pvt) Ltd is involved in manufacturing all kinds of screen-printing, embroidery, digitizing , laser cutting, appliques and knitting products for world's leading buyers in the textile and garment industries.

Miami Export Services (Pvt) Ltd

Miami Export Services (Pvt) Ltd focused on being the most preferred manufacturer and one stop solution provider in the kid’s apparel sector among the top ten most prestigious customers owning global brands who seek exceptional quality and high value products and services. We believe in positive relationships with all our stakeholders of whom the shareholder and the staff expectations receive our utmost priority. We are in a quest for quality which exceeds expectations in all our endeavors and above average profits with continuous growth. Contributing for the happiness and well-being of people is our service to humanity”

BAM Leisure is the Holiday and Travel Management arm of BAM Holdings. BAM owns and operate Boutique Holiday Lodges in different parts of Sri Lanka.

We have converted and maintain these beautiful themed homes to accommodate guests and provide a true custom made, personal vacation for you.

The best experience ever. Would recommended it to everyone. We got married in Sri Lanka, and stayed at Yala Leopard Lodge, and it was a dream come true....

Peter Daniel – Travel Magazine

Eco-Friendly Solution For Domestic,Commercial and Industrials

Equipped with world's best technologies, We, BAM GREEN has managed to make an impact in Renewable Energy Industry in Sri Lanka with our innovative solutions. Backed by strength of BAM Group that has been over 3 decades in the industry with over 4,000 of employees in 12 diversified subsidiary companies, we have chosen the sun for our future energy requirement without disturbing mother earth. We believe Children is our future and Mother Earth is our sustenance and our vision is to support to the cause of protecting nature by introducing affordable renewable energy solutions.

We strongly represent in all scales including domestic, commercial and industrial. We are also working on utility scale solar power plants with the hope of developing infrastructure & skills for our future. It's the time to think about the future, Think on energy security. And this is the time to manure for sure.

BAM KNITTING (Pvt) Ltd is the Group’s Fabric Manufacturing and Finishing arm, located in Sri Lanka’s premier Fabric and Textile Manufacturing zone, Thulhiriya.

The company was incorporated in 2005 and Is the key business unit which has propelled the group to be Sri Lanka’s only fully vertical business enterprise which is privately held and managed We at BAM Knitting (Pvt) Ltd thrive on Customer Service and ensures satisfaction all the time.

Continuous improvement, on time delivery and shorter lead-time with an obsession to exceed customer expectations is a result of a unified effort of a highly motivated and a trained team, whose commitment to quality remains the vital link to our success.

Ascenture Originates impeccable software solutions by creating “Limitless Possibilities” blended with the state of the art technologies.

By fusing the human thinking and creativity with the magic of technology, Ascenture reaches out beyond the benchmark frontiers in order to deliver the maximum value to its customers through exquisite solutions.

Ascenture always challenges concepts and perceptions and shakes the thinking paradigms through ideas and insights to optimize the possibilities, in providing soothing solutions to its valued clients.

Competency on superlative technologies brings simplicity and friendliness to its solutions and helps its products to be slim and delicate.

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The first trading activity was built around the importation into Sri Lanka of vehicles and other equipment. The manufacture of ready - made garments for export was another industry that saw a meteoric rise in this same decade. The government actively supported this growth industry, with opportunities for overseas investment under the arrangement of a Board of Investment.

The BAM Holdings Limited launched their first apparel factory - Colombo Garments Ltd. in 1980. This facility was expanded in 1982, with the incorporation of Miami Exports (Pvt) Ltd.

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