Miami Clothing (Pvt) Ltd.

The BAM Holdings Limited launched their first apparel factory - Colombo Garments Ltd. in 1980. This facility was expanded in 1982, with the incorporation of Miami Exports (Pvt) Ltd. Miami Exports (Pvt) Ltd manufactures some of the world’s most sought after seasonal collections, specializing in children’s wear. Incorporated in 1991, Miami Clothing Pvt) Ltd operates two plants in relatively close vicinity to each other, developing and manufacturing products for leading brands including M&S, Tesco, Sainsbury, BHS.

Employing over 2,000 both directly and indirectly, Miami Clothing (Pvt) Ltd conforms to the stringent quality standard set down by AQL 2.5.

Since this time, the company has been earning an excellent reputation for reliability. This is reflected in the quality of the products and in the timeliness of the deliveries to our clients overseas.


Estb date – 01/07/1991
Monthly Capacity (pcs) – 175,000
Buyers – M&S, Tesco, Dinnes, Phillosophy
Product Capabilities – Pant, Jacket, Dungaree, Jogger, Tee, Short, Sweat, Bodysuit
Factory Sqft – 40,000


Estb date – 01/06/1997
Monthly Capacity (pcs) – 210,000
Buyers – Next, Tesco, Gap, Sainsbury
Product Capabilities – Pant, Dungaree, Pinny, Dress, Jacket, Bodysuit, Tee, Short, Shirt, Polo Tee, Skirt
Factory Sqft – 37,000