Miami Export Services (Pvt) Ltd focused on being the most preferred manufacturer and one stop solution provider in the kid’s apparel sector among the top ten most prestigious customers owning global brands who seek exceptional quality and high value products and services. We believe in positive relationships with all our stakeholders of whom the shareholder and the staff expectations receive our utmost priority.

We are in a quest for quality which exceeds expectations in all our endeavors and above average profits with continuous growth. Contributing for the happiness and well-being of people is our service to humanity”

Washing Section

Production Output
Garment Washes 18,000 pieces per day
Advance Washes 6,000 pieces per day

Type of Washes
Garment Wash/ Heavy Garment Wash
Silicone Wash
Enzyme Wash
Stone Wash
Alkhali Wash
Rubber / Golf Ball Wash

Packing Section

Production Output
9,000 pieces per day

Main Buyers

Marks & Spencer
Geroge (Nor Lanka)
Needle Eye

Main Customers

Miami Exports (Pvt) Ltd, Ranna
Miami Clothing (Pvt) Ltd, Dickwella
Miami Clothing (Pvt) Ltd, Pitigala
Vogue Tex, Weligama
Texus Apparel, Hakmana
Aitken Spences, Koggala
Nobleswear, Koggala
Tri Star Apparel, Kaburupitiya
Ruhunu Apparel, Weligama.